Welcome to CzechNU! How's your day?

NU is:
communication app for all who want to build better and safer communities.

Among your neighbours may be friends you haven't met yet.

Safely outside and inside

NU in

Let yourself decide what you want to share about you inside the group. Your privacy is a priority for us - and that's how it will remain.

NU out

Be invisible for your neigbourhood if you wish. However, nothing prevents you from connecting with new people in your neighbourhood. Building new connections is the principle of civilization.

What do we (among others) offer?

easier communication / emails slowly tend to be anachronism. Nowadays, social networks take the communication role because it's easier, clearerr and more comfortable.
document access / download a lecture from seminar, check repairs fund account balance or check the latest billing. Everything securely online.
connect everywhere / enjoying holiday on the beach? Stay informed about the last meeting or check if there are any complaints against your new tenant.
clear polls / find out what your neighbours think about the proposal to paint the hall or simply vote at the meeting of owners who could not be present.
requests to administrator / do you see anything that should be done in the house? Replace the broken bulb or oil the creaking door. Just create a request to the administrator.

What to look forward to (among others)?


find out what's in your neighbourhood. Locate interesting places in your area or highlight your place of business to offer your services.


shared calendar streamlines planned events. Collection of sorted waste, planned water outage or festival of spicy food at a local restaurant? You will be kept updated.


select the topic and discuss with several users at once. What happens in the house, the problems in your neighborhood, proposals for change? Discuss it with others!


present photos of appartments for sale, your products or article clippings about you from the newspaper.


rate services and events in your area. Satisfaction with the cleaning services of common areas, building administrator or safety after dark? Your opinion is important.

local info

information from official boards of the municipal office, the new regulation of municipal police or firefighters warning of possible floods. Everything easily reachable.

video surveillance

watch remotely what's going on in your house or neighborhood. Stay calm even on holiday.

urgent message

send urgent message via SMS to everyone in group or concerned individuals. You can easily warn of strange individuals in the area or even the approaching hailstorm.

smart living

control your appartment remotely. Turn on the water boiler or raise the heating temperature before your arrival from holiday.